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Kids’ MusicRound is a playful, non-performance approach to introduce you and your child to the joys of interactive musical play.  Our 45-minute, 10-week classes for families with infants and children through age four provide a warm, nurturing, and fun environment to learn how to    stimulate and sustain the musical gift that is within each and every one of us.


Everything! Shaking tambourines, beating drums, and twirling scarves are just a few of the activities you and your child will experience in weekly classes.  We have loads of fun singing and dancing to music ranging from original compositions to familiar North American folk tunes and traditional music from around the world.


Mixed ages newborn - 4 years

In this class, infants, toddlers, 2, 3, and 4 year olds along with their parents or caregivers join together as a musical community. Activities include playing rhythm Instruments, having fun with rhymes, and singing and dancing to music of different meters and tonalities. A mixed-age setting allows children to develop at their own pace the basic skills of singing in tune and keeping an accurate beat. Since there is no set age for these skills to be acquired, these classes provide a non-performance opportunity for musical exploration that the whole family can enjoy.

10 WEEK SEMESTER: $195 first child plus $105 each add'l child
6 WEEK SEMESTER: $125 first child plus $75 each add'l child
(when registered with an older sibling)
*includes 1 CD & music downloads

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That all children are born with musical ability. KMR music and movement classes will put your child on a path to basic musical competence by teaching him or her to sing in tune and keep an accurate beat. This is the foundation that will empower your child to pursue more formal musical education later in life or simply derive more enjoyment from music. That early childhood is the optimal time to nurture and develop innate musical ability. Research has proven that earlier is better than later. KMR reaches out to your child's natural curiosity and stimulates learning through musical play, discovery and creativity. In a developmentally appropriate approach with parental participation. Each child is allowed to explore and discover at its individual developmental level in a stimulating, playful learning environment. Since young children learn quickly through modeling the special people in their lives, we believe strongly in parental participation. Here you will connect musically with your child as you sing, chant rhythmic rhymes and play simple rhythm instruments together. KMR's varied fun-filled music education activities assure something for everyone while addressing the different learning styles and music development levels of individual children. Although the emphasis is on fun, the principles of Doctor Edwin Gordon's Music Learning Theory and Dalcroze Eurhythmics are woven into the program. That in-home repetition will further enhance early childhood music development. That's why we made the investment in quality home materials to support the curriculum. You'll easily recreate the classroom excitement in your home with the KMR songbook filled with our original compositions as well as traditional favorites. That music can and should be enjoyed by everyone, everyday. KMR will show you that music is not just for talented performers. Our music classes are designed for infants and toddlers through preschoolers and elementary age children. Everyone can enjoy music and movement to the fullest every day in your own individual way.